Anti-Viral Kit #2: Hand Sanitizer + Bonus Mini Hand Sani Spray



Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Squeeze Bottle:

A solution of 65% or higher alcohol will break the genetic bond of a virus!  Flora’s Hand Sani has been specifically formulated with at least 65% Alcohol – We used Grain Alcohol (DON’T DRINK IT!)  plus Organic Aloe Vera Juice.  Shake Well and Use Liberally. Lightly scented with Lavender Essential Oil.

Hand Sanitizer – Mini Spray Bottle:

We are also including a tiny little glass squirty bottle (5ml) that you can take with and refill from the 2oz bottle – These are not for sale – we’ve made them JUST for our awesome customers who get this kit! 🙂

Every Anti-Viral kit you purchase, Flora’s will donate the equivalent value in PPE or Hand Sanitizer or CBD Tincture to local health care professionals and other front line workers.



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