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Face Mask Pattern

Cut & Sew Pattern Surgical Type Face Mask with Filter Pocket

The mask design is intended to hold a filter in place or to be used as a protective cover for an n95.  We have designed the mask with ties & not loops because elastic loops will break rendering the mask useless.

No matter what material they are made out of, a fabric mask WILL NOT protect you against viruses!

These masks are intended for medical professionals who have access to Medical Grade filter material that can be place between the mask layers and can be used to preserve the life of an n95 mask.

MAKERS: When choosing fabric, remember, these will be worn for at least 4 hours. Make sure the material has been washed at least twice prior to sewing. Ensure the seams are strong and the straps are double sewn. The mask material should be soft enough to wear comfortably and washable in very hot water. DO NOT USE POLYESTER, rayon, nylon or other plastic materials. They will not do well with bleach and hot water! We recommend using all-natural fabrics like cotton or a hemp/cotton blend.

Masks should be not be re-worn until they have been washed and disinfected.

Masks should only be used with a n95 filter or other non-woven, medical grade filter in the pocket.

Remove the filter before washing the mask.

WASH and disinfect the mask often.

DISCARD & REPLACE the filter often.


Wash fabric at least twice in hot water.  If you can, use hemp or cotton.


Cut out 2 strips of fabric 22” long x 1.5” wide.

Fold in half, inside out – secure with pins & iron flat.

Sew along open edge, turn right side out & iron flat.

Fold in the open edges and sew securely shut.


Print out 2 copies of the pattern (it will fit on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper – landscape). You’ll know it’s the correct size when the 1×1 square image is exactly 1″ x 1″ !

Match bottom edge of paper pattern and tape together at the fold line.

Pin pattern to inside of fabric.   Mark fabric & cut pattern.



Fold the pleats so they face down – pin and iron flat.  (One side should fold one direction the other side should fold the opposite direction. Imagine pushing a filter into the pocket – the pleats should NOT interfere with filter insertion!)

You should have 3 pleats on each face of the mask, 6 pleats total. 

Quick sew the pleats down. Hem the left and right mask edges.

Hem one of the top edges.


Attach one strap to the other top edge, hem edge while attaching the strap securely.  (DO NOT sew top edges together – leave open so a filter can be inserted between the 2 pieces of fabric)

Fold fabric in half, right side out, so the top edges match up and sew left and right edges together.

Sew bottom strap along bottom edge securely.

DISINFECT and PACKAGE FOR DISTRIBUTION to local hospitals and health care centers

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