Hemp Extract 300 (Organic Olive Oil) - FOR DOGS!


Hemp Extract 300 (Organic Olive Oil) - FOR DOGS!

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HEMP EXTRACT 300 (1 oz Bottle)

Each Bottle contains 300mg of Natural Occurring Cannabinoids (Derived from Industrial Hemp)

We Created Our Hemp Extract Using 100% All Natural Industrial Hemp Grown On Small Family Farms right here in Colorado!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hemp Extract:  This Extract Batch (No. 4) is 100% All Natural Alcohol Extract. Once the Alcohol (Everclear) is pulled out of the batch, the extract is then run through a distillation rig. This gives us a BEAUTIFUL, clear red orange extract that contains the full complement of cannabinoids & terpenes, except now all the plant wax and chlorophyll has been distilled out!  Carrier Oil: Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil Is Solvent Free & Made Using Organic Coconuts (Non-GMO / NO Palm Oil)

INGREDIENTS:  Organic EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) & Natural Cannabinoids & Terpenes Derived from Industrial Hemp.

Batched, Tracked & Tested

Non GMO | No Additives | No Preservatives | No Weird Flavoring Agents  | No Synthetic Ingredients  |  Keep Cool

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