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What We Believe:

It's Not Very Complicated:  

When You Start Out With Amazing Hemp, You Make Amazing Hemp Extract!

100% All Natural, Organically Grown, Colorado Hemp – Because Supporting Local Family Farms Matters.

All Female Plants / Soil & Sun Grown / Bio-Dynamic Farming Practices / Non-GMO & Pesticide Free - Because The Way You Start Matters. 

Our Mixer Oils And Ingredients Are Organic & Non-GMO. We don’t use synthetic ingredients or flavoring agents – Because Clean Food and Organic Ingredients Matter.

Flora's 100% All Natural Hemp Products are full of Naturally Occurring  Cannabinoids,  PhytoCannabinoids & Terpenes (see test tab for more details).

Zero Pesticides & Zero Heavy Metals - Lot's & Lot's of CBD :)

Our products are made with the very best ingredients we can get our sticky little hands on!  And by working directly with Hemp Farmers and local extractors, we are able to bring you the most delicious, freshest and best Hemp products available - all at a great price!

All of our products are food based, all natural, organic focused & good for you!                 

Created in small batches and made with LOVE. 



Our Inspiration: The original Flora Farmer (Our Owner, Chris B's Great Grandmother)

Flora was raised in farm country (Lake City) Iowa &she learned to bake

on a wood burning stove.

Everything she made and everything she ate WAS organic, naturally!

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