I just got back the first draft of the new logo... Boy did I have a LOT of feedback!  He's going with round 2 now!


We just received some feedback from a friends sister. She gave her one of our bottles of Flora's Hemp Extract 1,500 (1,500mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids - this is an whole plant alcohol extract with intact terpene profile as well):

"Finally got some feedback from my sis about how her son did on your CBD oil.

She said there was "no regression" while she's been substituting yours for (another brand). However, she did up the dosage slightly. ("no regression" means that the Autistic Behaviors that have be corrected don't come back.)"

You can find more information about Autism & the effects of Cannabidiol here: https://www.projectcbd.org/autism

Here is a current article in Forbes about Autism & Cannabis:http://www.forbes.com/…/desperate-parents-of-autistic-chi…/… (Published June 2015)