It has been a while... A while since I've blogged, a while since I've baked and a while since we moved!


Harry & LaLa The Wonderdog & I (Chris Bedrosian) moved from Los Angeles to Boise to Denver in pretty short succession.  We are now living in a very small apartment in Lakewood, Colorado & trying (Again!) to start a business from SCRATCH (Argh - Again?!  {Imagine, while you read this, the Sound Of Me Banging My Head On The Desk}! :)

Harry has taken over a lot of the household chores, one being feeding the dog & consequently she is very spoiled and getting kinda fat. We don't have a lot of time, so she gets minimal exercise except when her friend Jazzy (Jasmin the doberman, i.e. the "Red Menace"!) comes over for a visit!

LaLa & Jasmin

LaLa & Jasmin


So we moved to Lakewood, finally get cranking with our Awesome Hemptastic Cottage Bakery ( but (why was I SO surprised?!) when we tried to take it to the next level and sell RETAIL...  the Colorado Health Dept. (CDPHE) declined to approve our application for a wholesale food manufacturing license. Sigh.. Now I have a lawyer (who has TIME for this nonesense - it's a cookie for F sake!). Friday Aug 5, 2016 the lawyer & I met with 4 folks at the city, re-submitted my application for a wholesale food manufacturing license and are waiting to hear back. 

Meanwhile, I am GUNG HO researching more, spending my LIMITED time trying to solve something that should have been solved by now. You lucky bastages have had HEMP in Colorado for 2 years - this fall will be the third harvest - and until I applied, NO ONE ELSE has been honest on their applications about using hemp in their food and no one else (according to the Health Dept. guys) has tried to get hemp in food in retail stores. Double Sigh... 

FYI - This blog is mostly so I can organize my chaotic brain and keep track of all the stuff I'm trying to accomplish.  So sometimes it won't make sense & for that I apologize in advance. 

Hemp In Food

Right now the thing I want to accomplish & publicize and get folks behind the idea of Hemp In Food. To that end I've created a FB Page to share updates:

To be clear, in my book, Hemp In Food is EVERYTHING Hemp you put in or on your body!  And regardless of how they classify it on their little pieces of paper at Congress ("classifying" hemp and lumping cannabis in with Heroine - RIDICULOUS words on Paper!) and the FDA... I can't even start about the FDA vs. State law and the straitjacket of the Controlled Substance Act..  

CBD Tincture?  Food!  Cannabidiol Extract in MCT Oil? Food!  Cosmetics, Salves, Body Lotion? Food!  Smoking and Vaping? Food! EVERYTHING - And I MEAN EVERYTHING - INCLUDING big pharma drugs, vaccines, viagra, toothpaste & nail polish - even the pesticides in fabric are absorbed!  

That's my 2 cents for today!