I spoke with my new contact at CDHD and got the skinny on our fabulous new location in Hyde Park: No way on the Eating & Drinking License... It's because the front room / bakery outlet does not have clear separation from the living space of the house. 

The floor plan of the house right now; after you enter the front door you immediately turn right and walk into the front room / bakery outlet floor. OR you could go straight 2 feet further and then turn right you'll be taken up the very narrow stairs to the 2nd floor bedrooms.. The kitchen is behind the downstairs front room / bakery outlet and it's got the back door with a late addition of a 1/2 bath / utility room lean-to.  

There is NO WAY with the current floor plan to have a clear separation between the living room / bakery outlet floor and the rest of the house without making some major sacrifices and some ridiculous (and expensive) modifications, it looks like getting a food and drink license for this location will be impossible unless we move and turn the whole thing into a restaurant. Which would be possible if we bought the property in six months, but at this juncture, I'm not willing to invest in someone else's infrastructure. 

First Floor - Hyde Park House

First Floor - Hyde Park House

Once we submit the application to CDHD and get the necessary approvals we'll be able to move forward with packaged, non hazardous goodies. Basically the same yummy stuff we've been selling at the Eagle Saturday Market. Since we've been selling out - that sounds like a plan to me!