Farmer's Market (Eagle)

It was another great day at the Eagle Saturday Market. Beautiful weather, a lot of happy folks eating our delicious goodies. We sold out of almost everything - you really cannot ask for a better day ...



There's more...

A week ago Harry & I saw an ad on craigslist for a great house in Hyde Park that had a front area commercial space - but we didn't pull the trigger. We thought we were not quite ready to move - our lease isn't up until October, so craigslist to this point has been mostly about research.

But sometimes you see something that just sticks. And this did. Even though I KNEW it would get snatched up IMMEDIATELY, a week later we checked again and amazingly it was still listed.

So we said "What the Hell" and Harry sent the owners a note. Today we had an appointment to see the rental at 2:30 and by 3:00 we had a handshake deal to rent the property. It'll be $450 more than we are paying for our current 2 bedroom Boise suburbs rental and by Los Angeles standards it's exactly the same amount we paid to rent a VERY small 2 bedroom duplex with a tiny (un-fenced yard) and a horrifically obnoxious back-door neighbor. 

I am excited to say the least. I've already moved in, in my head and I know where everything will go and how I want to fix up the rooms and the front and back front yard (flowers and a place to sit in the shade and enjoy the day being top priority!). 

Flora's Bake Shop - The Hyde Park Shop - Our First View

Flora's Bake Shop - The Hyde Park Shop - Our First View