Pecan Pie Bars - 3 square inches of Yum!

Pecan Pie Bars - 3 square inches of Yum!

We'll be at the Eagle Farmer's Market tomorrow from 9am to 1pm. We'll have chocolate cheesecake brownies, extra fruti banana bread with cranberries and dried apples, buttermilk doughnut holes with cinnamon sugar, strawberry pie (OMG!), sugar cookies, lemon lemon samich cookies, cranberry almond shortbread, pecan pie squares, lemon squares and almond cinnamon granola PLUS: COFFEE!  

I made bigger tray of the pecan pie bars this week. Last weekend one lady got one, loved it so much she came back and bough out the remaining 3!


Harry got a Toddy cold coffee brewer delivered this week and we picked up two air pots at Cash & Carry plus all the stuff you need (cups and lids for hot AND cold, straws, napkins, sugar, mini moos, etc).   Right now we've got a couple of big bags of Starbucks french roast from Costco, but once that's used up we'll likely go with Dawson Taylor, a local roaster.