When I woke up this morning (6am - what?) the fluffy pup wasn't in the bedroom, so I wandered around the house until I found her, snuggled in the blankets on the bed downstairs, snoozing away.  She cracked one eye when she heard me and then sighed, tucked her nose back down into the blanket and went straight back to sleep. I petted her a little and then apparently I fussed around so much (my allergic sneezing is in full bloom right now) blowing my nose and getting up and down to get tissue and to use the bathroom, when I came back she was gone. Funny Dog! She went upstairs to lay on the big bed next to Harry because I was fussing too much and kept waking her up. 

Yesterday got away from me, so today was the day of delivery!  I dropped off goody packages at Zions Bank and at Flower's At Will. Hopefully this effort will garner some corporate clients!  It has been really slow. I got such a great start, busy with orders, this slow patch is freaking me out a bit... On the bright side, I have a lot of time available to gear up for the Farmers Markets!



Today, I worked on my menu for Farmers Market and picked out a couple of recipes to try and also found some of my favorites from my notebook. I'm going to make an apple pie this week - I haven't made one in quite a while. I LOVE apple pie, so I'm kind of excited to make one again. Is it like riding a bike?  I'm betting I'll be eating a big slice as soon as it's cool enough - yum!

Yesterday, I asked Harry for help, but he must have had on his invisible "Don't Tell Me What To Do" t-shirt because we got into a HUGE fight and I completely lost my nut, went upstairs and let it all out. Thirty minutes later, I come out, red eyed and still so damn angry, and the whole house is FULL of smoke from the bubbling cauldron of HOT canola oil on the stove. That I completely forgot about. Which was on high because I was heating it up for the doughnuts. The oil was so hot it broke the candy thermometer. 

Harry, down in the basement listing camera equipment on eBay (the basement was completely smoke free, nice and cool and serene) bolts upstairs when I yell "OH MY GOD!" and we run around like lunatics, taking the smoking pot off the burner, turning off the burner, grabbing the really thick hot pads and taking that hot smoky mother effer outside. The pot smoked for 15 mintues - yuck. And I swear it took 30 minutes for the house to clear.  Man alive I sure am glad my meltdown was relatively short. When I was in the throes of depression one of those fights would have put me out for days... 



During my shopping errands, I got 2 boards, some 1x2 furring, liquid nails and a couple of cans of spray paint so I could finally have a sign a the market that I actually could use (big enough to write on) and easy to update (chalk), which would be easy to cart around and easy to read from a distance. The guy at the Home Depot, instead of selling me a board and some chalk spray paint, sold me this magic already painted with "chalk" chalk-board and they cut it for you. He also suggested / cut the furring strips, so it could have a little stability. I found some thin balsa wood in the garage craft box and I've cut and painted it to act as a frame to give it a little style.

I just finished attaching the balsa wood to the edges of my fancy new chalk board. It's looking good, if I do say so myself. Sometimes I wonder if all of this crap I keep around in drawers is ever going to come in handy and what do you know... In one day I use the really big glue gun from the "Glue / Tape" drawer, some random package of balsa wood (where DID that come from), my 3 foot metal straight edge, the craft cutting board, my exacto knife, spray paint and markers.  I had everything here except the wood for the chalk board and the spray paint!

Now to get a sticker / sign printed, some lines put in so I can write straight, and I will be good to go! 



We tested out the buttermilk donuts today to see how well they kept their freshness. The only version that was still delicious, moist and nommy? The donut holes that were dipped in powdered sugar glaze then rolled in sugar and cinnamon...  My plan is to make them late Friday night, so they will be as fresh as possible for Saturday market.