I tested out a donut recipe this morning - omg - fresh hot donuts are so amazing!  They came out really pretty, but I had the oil a little too hot, so they got a bit overdone. 

Buttermilk Donuts - Hot & Fresh!

Buttermilk Donuts - Hot & Fresh!

It will be interesting to see how well they keep - It's weird being a baker and not have the temperament to get up early in the morning to bake... You have to modify recipes so you can make items the day before.  I really want to have donuts at the Farmer's Market, but like biscuits, this might be a tough sell - fresh is ALWAYS better for donuts, so it'll have to be an amazing recipe for me to have them on the table. 



It sure seemed like a slow day on Saturday. One guy came over to talk to Harry and said he didn't get busy and sell out of his stuff until he'd been there for a season and a half... Erm - what?  We made enough to cover the cost of the market and ingredients, but not much more and there's a lot of really yummy stuff left over. Not making enough money to sustain this business, we will ultimately fail, but it's really killing me that people are NOT getting to eat this wonderful stuff. I CANNOT let it go to waste so I've made some phone calls and will drop off the extra to a food bank today.

I also decided to take advantage of having all of this extra yummy stuff so later Harry & I are dropping off little care packages around town to drum up the dessert catering business and hopefully get some orders coming in for corporate events and the like as well as seeding the marketing folks for Christmas gift ideas for their clients. 

I still haven't decided if I should make less stuff, or less of a variety of stuff, but this next week I will have a LOT more of the pretty little sugar cookie sandwiches. Those sold first and fast...

We also really effed up on the sign. I think a printed sign is easy to read, but folks are not liking it much.  It'll actually help in the long run because having to get the printed version of the menu done while I'm trying to actually create the menu items - that really sucks. I like the idea of making the menu the day of - that way I've got a bit more flexibility in the items I ultimately make with out having to stick to something that got printed out days before!

The guy from the Great Harvest table was there this time. Our first day at the Eagle Market, their booth was not set up. He was very nice and came over to offer his advice on pricing, the table set up, etc. I asked him to try some of the goodies and got really good feedback, so I'm happy about that! I talked to him about pricing and he said we were right on for most everything, but we shouldn't have .25 or .75 on the menu - simpler is better and rounding up or down just makes sense, which I agree completely.

Interestingly, a lot of folks asked if we would be coming back. It's as if they don't want to try / buy anything because they are afraid they will get attached / addicted to something yummy and want to spare themselves the pain of not being able to get it next time... Or maybe I'm just reading that into the situation! :)  I'd like to think I'd be missed or even remembered next week, but I really doubt it.



I finally got a photo of the shorn pup!

Hey!  What happened to my FLUFF?

Hey!  What happened to my FLUFF?

This morning the air conditioner kicked on and she snuggled under the covers because she got all shivery and cold.  Harry asked the groomer to go shorter than ever before - I really don't like the way she looks when her fluff this short, but it is sure easier to keep her clean!