There is a pretty big fire just up the hill and all of the smoke is drifting down into our valley. And apparently all of the smoke from the multiple fires in Canada are also streaming south and flowing into our area. Visibility this morning was 5 miles - they air is brown and going outside for any period of time is making me cough!

Boise Air Quality = no es bueno. 

Boise Air Quality = no es bueno. 



We are still moving forward with the Farmer's Market prep. work, but I am getting worried. It's just getting smokier as the day goes on. What if the air quality gets worse?  I won't be able to tolerate the smoke for very long - I wonder do they ever cancel outdoor events because of too much smoke?  Plus if there is a LOT, then people just won't want to be outside, so no one will be there anyway.

Aw rats - now I feel weirdly stuck - do I continue to work towards this event on Saturday or do I just stop now with what I've completed and call it good?  I'm got about 1/2 the items I planned, but man I would really hate to do two more days of work and spend this time and money and energy on something that no one's going to get to eat...

We are about half way done on the baking part, but I've still got a ways to go on the label prep plus a bunch of other stuff just got away from me yesterday. I may just fold and print this batch of labels at home to save some time. If I take the work to a print shop, I've got to set up full pages and then save them as .jpeg files so doing it at home will save some time, plus I can print off mixed labels per sheet as I need them - then I won't have any extras laying around getting ruined or lost. 

Well -moving forward is about the only choice, so I'm going to continue to bake and calculate and print!