9am: Harry and I are committed to having a table at the Eagle Farmers Market this Saturday, July 19th, so this week will be a continuation of what we've been working toward since we decided to pull the "Farmers Market" trigger a few weeks ago.

Today I've got a co-op kitchen meeting at 1pm, which should be interesting.  It will be the first since I started, but I don't think it happens very often. There have been a few instances of folks not cleaning up after themselves and some complaints about minor issues. I've heard that this is a common problem in these types of co-op environments, but luckily we don't seem to have too many issues, so it should be a quick meeting. 

Harry & I plan to go shopping for the remainder of the ingredients after, so I'm currently finalizing the menu and pulling my recipes so I can make sure we have everything we need. 



As we were leaving I remembered that big bone I bought for LaLa, when we were at the pet store stocking up on dog food. It's one of those with a lot of cartilage and this version was all toasty and brown - pretty tasty looking actually. Although it took a full minute to get the shrink wrap plastic off of it - yike!

Normally when we leave her with a treat, she'll wait, depressed, staring at the door until she falls asleep out of boredom, but she won't eat it until we are home.  This time I wondered if she could resist the siren song of that nommy bone and wouldn't you know it. We come home and she's barking at the door, shrill with excitement and jumping and jumping and jumping on my leg happy, I'd say, not just happy, but ecstatic and greasy as all get out. I guess she enjoyed the bone!

I'm sure I've mentioned it, but if not, LaLa has her own Facebook Page if you want to follow her shenanigans: 


The tree in the backyard is losing it's flowers and the yard is completely covered with this leafy, fluffy sticky horrible stuff that's sticking to EVERYTHING including poor LaLa.

LaLa the little fluffy love - now with extra fluff!

LaLa the little fluffy love - now with extra fluff!

Every time we let her out, we've got 3 minutes of cleanup - but it's not really helping. Yes, we are getting all the extra fluffy stuff off of her, but she's so sticky!  I've been wanting to take her to the groomer and get her fluff trimmed, but now I'm waiting for this tree to stop dropping flowers. So far this week Harry's mowed 3 times just to get it up off the lawn and give the dog some respite from the sticky yard.  I can tell she's not loving it. She's not staying out very long and as soon as she comes back in, she lays down so I can start cleaning off her feet and tummy.  Right now she's kinda cute and kinda pitiful and very very sticky!