Today I will be submitting some treats for the tasting / judging jury by the Capital Cities Farmers Market.  They need to be dropped off by 4pm, so I'd better get a move on!

Noon:  So far I've tempered a little chocolate and dipped some of the Coconut Ginger Crispy Rice squares. I also added a coating of sweetened shredded coconut to the bottom edge. I also baked up some lime cookies (they are a little TOO limy for my tasts, so I may not submit), but the rosemary butter cookies came out amazing. If you like savory cookies, you will love these. 

Harry and I are trying to figure out which package to use for which product, but other than that (and printing some labels), I'm pretty good to go.  Now to figure out the costs per package so we can price them out for the market. 

Capital Cities Here We Come!

Capital Cities Here We Come!

Harry and I also picked up the other items from the co-op kitchen from last week's Farmer's Market. So far it looks like the granola and the brownies have come through with flying colors after being kept in the fridge. We weren't sure how long the granola would keep fresh, but it's still as good today as it was the day it was made. The other goodies are in good shape. What wasn't, I'm not presenting, so anything that went stale got tossed already. 

2PM - Boxed up and ready to go = 8 1/2 pounds of love!

2PM - Boxed up and ready to go = 8 1/2 pounds of love!

After all is said and done we actually got a whole banker box full of goodies - we just packed up 4 of each: 

Lime Butter Cookies
Rosemary Butter Cookies
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Homemade Caramel Sauce
Maple Garbage Balls
Homemade Marshmallows 
Ginger Coconut Marshmallow Rice Treats
Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies
Sugar Cookie Kits with Buttercream Icing
Almond Cinnamon Granola

I really don't know if this is a ridiculous amount of goodies or if we should have made more, but at this point, I guess I'd better call it done! 

5pm: Nice - that was easy. We drove downtown, Harry found a parking space right in front of the door and I got to walk in drop off and go. Easy Peasy.  

Now to take a well deserved break and then tonight we'll plan the final menu for next Saturday and put together a shopping list. Hopefully we will only need to run one quick errand tomorrow morning to Cash & Carry to get the few raw ingredients we'll need. These last few weeks running all over town trying to gear up for our first farmers market has made me a bit frazzled... 


Ha! Not so fast little lady, the voice inside my head says - you gotta call your logo designer! Crap.... No break for me! 

Oh well - at least we got that done - the new labels look great!

Our new logo / label designed by Tyler - yay!

Our new logo / label designed by Tyler - yay!