I don't really know if you'd actually call it a blog, since this seems to mostly be a sort of diary of completed TO DO's, which I'm guessing is not very compelling reading. I'm adding photos, which I'm sure are helping, but still...

These last two months have been a whirl of activity, which I am keeping track of, but haven't had time to post. Today I decided to just WRITE inside the squarespace "Create New Post" web page instead of writing as I normally do. The "normal" consists of writing quick notes and cooking notes, etc as well as musings, etc., in a word document. Which I then re-read, re-write and clean up / make sense of and THEN post.  But all of that "re"ing is taking up a lot of time that I need to spend on the business... SO today I'm trying something new.

Today I'm writing / posting directly in the squarespace app. Since I've skipped a whole lotta days here, I'll work on getting those inserted as I get time. But at least this way, i won't continue to get further and further behind. Whew!



Since our first Farmer's Market on July 5th, Harry & I have been working on a bunch on things. Getting the final design on the labels and getting them and the banners printed. Figuring out what to make, how much it'll cost and how much we could make if we actually sold out of everything. I've also been working on a better table display and shopping for necessary items like (big and lightweight) plastic folding tables and trying to figure out, what I have available here, how I can make it better with some spray paint and design ideas and not just spending a lot of cash. 

The major focus of this week was cleaning out the garage enough so I could get my Flora's Bake Shop stuff up on shelves and not piled on tables here and there and spread out all over the garage floor. The goal was to not just clean it up but to clean it up AND  organize pretty much everything!  I also want to make sure Harry can park inside the garage. He's got a black car and the temperatures are getting up in the low 100's and man alive that car gets HOT!

I was gong to take what I no longer wanted to the thrift store and had zero plans for a garage sale. But, apparently, after seeing how much better organized and open the garage was after I cleaned out a bunch of stuff, late Thursday night, Harry spontaneously decided to just go for it and have a yard sale! We grabbed a bunch of camera stuff he was pricing out to sell on ebay and some crap I had piled here and there, set up a couple tables and by the end of the day Saturday we made a little more than $300.  

We've still got a LOT of stuff to sell on ebay and there's always the possibility of another yard sale before the end of the year, but for now I'm happy to have some available space out in the garage to work with.