I've got a bunch of cookies wrapped and ready to go! The cookies on sticks came out really cute. 

Mother's Day Sugar Cookies on Sticks

Mother's Day Sugar Cookies on Sticks

I also ordered a big banner from Staples. Harry picked it up from the store, but it doesn't appear to be waterproof, which is weird, because I’m pretty sure I ordered it that way. 

I am trying out to get an cleaned up version of my logo. I am not hopeful - the guy hasn't asked one single question... 

I was thinking of what to have on hand / need to grab from home for the sidewalk sale tomorrow and suddenly a horrible thought popped into my brain pan:  “What if I need a license”?  This town requires a license for a garage sale, so I’m betting the answer is going to be yes.

So now I’ve gotta get my butt downtown and get ANOTHER license. This time from the city clerk for one called  “eating & drinking license”. NOTE - When you get this one, bring a copy of your CDHD permit.

The eating & drinking license is only good for selling items in front of my OWN storefront. I cannot sell elsewhere with this one. For that apparently I’ll need to shell out $125 for a “vendor permit” which requires a background check (= erm wahaaaaaaaat?) and a surety bond for $1,000. Two more things to add to the list…