Harry’s helping (Yay!).  When I need help, he’s going to be the “dough guy” and make the dough so I can focus on the more creative (and time consuming) decorating part! 

Harry Helping (Dough Boy!)

Harry Helping (Dough Boy!)

Nice! It only took two hours to set up / teach Harry to make 2 batches of dough, clean up the dishes and sweep the floor. 

Maria the catering lady was in making a big order with her daughter Sophie. I love it when she’s cooking – we got to taste the slow cooked marinated pork she's making for the tacos and Harry got a margarita jello shot – both great.

I also posted an 8.5 x 11 promo sheet on the window at the now defunct cookies by design store front on Glenwood.   The woman who ordered cookies last week said she called and when they didn't answer, she drove by the shop to see why and saw it was out of business. I figured it’s got to be an easy sale if people are so desperate for a decorated cookie they’d actually drive somewhere when a shop doesn’t answer their phone…

Tested the cookies from 4/17 – they are really dry, so three weeks is pushing it with this packaging.