Posted blog 4/26, 4/27, 4/29 & 4/30 – I like getting up early!  :)  Weird, but true. Since we moved, somehow my system has switched over from really late nights to really early mornings. Maybe it’s this getting older thing – I've heard that as folks age, they don’t sleep as much… I don’t really know why, but I’m totally taking advantage of the morning alone time.  The house is lovely and quiet so I got some blogs posted, just like that!

Now I’m hungry, so time to forage in the kitchen. I think we have some frozen bagels and a really ripe tomato from Reggies Veggies. But first – coffee!



Finally got my butt in gear and registered / loggedin / paid my new blue cross of Idaho dental and health insurance. I also set up auto debit for both. I really hate how much work it is to pay bills so I always use the auto pay whenever I can. It takes the sting out of it – just a little…  Ridiculously, the utilities in Boise don’t have auto pay available online. In order to set it up, you have to print out a paper form and send it in with a cancelled check. Whaaaaaaaa?  How behind the times is that?  I’m amazed, but I bet it’s something to do with the cost of digital processing fees.

Speaking of which, I got my new square reader (link) today. I’ll have to install it on my iPhone and iPad – another thing to add to my list!

Today I got this great image off a facebook link – very handy for all the bakers out there:





I had a cookie brainstorm during breakfast this morning. I've had this idea in my head for a while, but today… Today it all came together. The idea is to have a decorated sugar cookie “Cookie Card” bagged for hanging at a cash register and ready to purchase, but I've been mulling over the whole concept – mostly how to package it. This morning, the design of the label worked itself out in my brain pan and BAM, I've got a feasible idea that’s good to go. Now to figure out the best cookie size / weight and then get them out there!  Who Hoo!


OMG – it’s a smorgasbord of household chores these last few days. Harry’s mowing the lawn right now and I’ve been working on business and home tasks all day. Since he was working so hard, for lunch, I went to Uncle Giuseppe’s and got the #16 to share and a cherry ice for me for dessert.

Yay – Today, I finally finished sweeping the back yard’s 12x12 pavers. It’s a huge pain in the butt because whoever laid them didn't do a very good job. They are not level and the cracks have hundreds of tiny little plants growing that catch all the sand. I will never use pesticides or herbicides in my yard, so they either need to be pulled out by hand or scraped out with a weeding tool. Plus there are thousands of little black ants which live UNDER the pavers and daily they dig out more and more sand. There are little tiny ant hills all over the place and it’s starting to look pretty terrible. There’s so much sand that’s been swept out previously, there’s a little sandbar surrounding the pavers. The sand is a lot heavier than it looks -  all the sweeping is tiring out my arms! 


I had some pretty red cherries sitting around today so I crushed some juice out to see how well it holds it’s color in sanding sugar. So far it’s staying a nice light pink color. And the last time I checked the test batch (a couple days ago) the blueberry syrup color is still nicely purple, so this may well be a feasible idea…