Today I have a meeting with  new a client at the co-op kitchen to go over her order / review the photos she’s bringing in. She’s a grandma getting a dozen for her granddaughter’s graduation from Kuna High School and she has some VERY specific designs and colors in mind. This will be an interesting experience as I don’t usually have such specific instructions to go by. I’m thinking I’d better make a few extra blanks, especially of the cookies that will have a LOT of text so I can replace the one’s I’m almost guaranteed to mess up…

Getting text to NOT run too far over to the right has ALWAYS been a problem for me. Not just in cookie design, but in every single sign or note I’ve ever written. I TRY to start farther to the left, but I never seem to judge it correctly. This will be good practice…



Today Nancy, the gluten free energy bar lady, asked me if I could help her out on some Mondays. I said yes – It’ll be nice to have some cash rolling in.   Her partner is afraid that their NDA is too restrictive, since I’m a baker, but I imagine it could be modified, right?  Speaking of NDA’s, I’m going to approach the kitchen manager and suggest they create one for all of the kitchen users to sign. That way we are all covered, no matter what’s going on or who’s in the kitchen. Folks are starting to hire outside help for their production runs, so we’d better think of something to protect ourselves and our recipes.


WHAT? Yay!

When I came home the house looked all shiny and happy!  Harry did a big spring cleanup and vacuumed, mopped and picked up – everything looked great. I have been putting it off for weeks – just too damned tired to care much about housework. I swear, it’s amazing how hard it is to bake cookies! :0  I am NOT used to being on my feet all day & my poor little knee (I twisted it wrong and tore the meniscus a few years back) is not happy about it at all.

I think the kicker for Harry’s housecleaning extravaganza was the stain / “LaLa nommy spot” on the rug in the bathroom.

Last night, LaLa spontaneously decided an innocuous stain on the bathroom rug has advanced to the” tasty enough to eat a big chunk out of the rug” stage and had spent the entire night industriously chewing the thick cotton yarn down to the warp. It was pretty impressive actually. I saw what she did and laughed, rolled my eyes, stepped over the little pile of chewed up fuzzy rug bits and drove to work. :)