Today I finished decorating the order for the little pink and white baby baptism mini cookies - except for knocking some water over and completely ruining the MAIN plaque cookie, they came out great. Good thing I had an extra plaque shape on hand (made for a different order) - phew!  

Little Pink Onesies and Crosses

Little Pink Onesies and Crosses

I also spent a couple of hours reviewing recipes and checking ingredients and researching ingredients prices so that I can develop some goodies for Farmer’s Market.

I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping. A couple of the folks at the co-op kitchen were having a argument / discussion that I was not comfortable overhearing so I left and ate lunch under the shade of a tree down the street instead of at my work station. When I came back they were still at it so I left again and ran some errands. I don’t like getting into my OWN arguments and I certainly do NOT want to have to listen to other people arguing. Ever!

Maybe that’s why I was so weirdly jittery and spilled the water and messed up the cookies?  I don’t know but today kinda sucked… As soon as I was done with my order, I left even though I had a plans to do more prep. I just couldn’t take the argue /explain / repeat cycle that was going on in the other section of the kitchen so I booked it home and hung out with LaLa and Harry instead!