Remember when you had lots of free time? Nope?  Me either!

I've been wanting to post, but just haven't had the time. Today (May 4), I'm taking the time to do it - otherwise I fear I'll get completely overwhelmed with how behind I am and stop completely - which would suck. So here I go!  


SUNDAY – 4/20/14

I got a  copy of the sheet header list from Danette (The Scone Lady) for the “Inventory Control Sheet” form – this was the last puzzle piece to fulfill the requirements for CDHD Approval. 

Inventory Control Form

Inventory Control Form

OH YAY! :)

Today in the mail, I got the sweetest Thank You card from the kids and staff over at The Hays House. This was from my volunteer cookie decorating morning for The Idaho Youth Ranch


Thank You Card (front) - that's me, Chris B!

Thank You Card (front) - that's me, Chris B!

Thank You Card (inside)

Thank You Card (inside)

Also working on the blog posts from 4/9 – there are a lot of short blurbs, so it’s likely I’ll combining some days. I'm still trying to document everything but this is tedious enough without having to make stuff up to fill in the short posts. Besides, if nothing of great import happened, what’s there to write about?

I've been deciding about when to “officially” launch the web site. It makes sense to wait until I’m certified by the health department, which should be any day now, with the inspection on Tuesday, so I’d better start thinking about how and who and what to say.  I've got a fairly decent list of contacts that I've been keeping for years, so that’s where I’ll start, but it’s a bit of a challenge because the list contains Everyone!  Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and other professionals from my corporate world – it’s a varied and mixed up list.

Do I just go for it and send it to everyone? Probably not... That seems too much like spam. It’s likely I’ll parse it out by type (I have a “Type” header on my spreadsheet – doesn't everyone?)  :)  and then send the announcement in small groups. I wonder if MailChimp supports grouping by type?  Something else I need to study a bit before jumping into whole hog (whole monkey?).



Harry’s finally talked me into joining him and the pup on an outing to Eagle Island Park to partake in some disc golf.  I’m really terrible – I can’t throw to save my life and the disc is always going way off in the bushes. I’m getting ready to go by putting on sunscreen and a nice long pair of jeans and some really tall socks – Hopefully this will help and I won’t come home with so many grass burrs and bug bites from crashing around the weeds looking for that damned little round piece of plastic.  


LaLa was in doggy heaven!  The first thing she does when she’s let off leash, is run straight to the lake and get soaked, but only ½ up.  Right now she’s laying in the sun, ½ brown and muddy and ½ white and clean,  wet and exhausted and completely happy. It’s a beautiful walk – the disc golf holds surround the lake, so you get to walk the whole thing, plus when we go home LaLa sleeps for hours, she’s so tired!

LaLa - 10 minutes in and already soaked!

LaLa - 10 minutes in and already soaked!

I spent most of the time trying to get LaLa to spot the disc for Harry. We walk ahead and Harry throws and then LaLa and I try to find it in the grass. Basically whenever she sniffs the disc or walks up to it or even just looks at it, she gets a treat. So far, getting her to sit still by it while Harry walks up to retrieve it is not working that well. She’s really good at grabbing it and taking it to him – which is exactly what you DO NOT want with disc golf!  I’m trying to get her to focus on spotting and sitting by the disc and not the rabbits and gopher holes, but that’s also a tough sell…

I found it! LaLa getting a treat from Harry for spotting the disc.

I found it! LaLa getting a treat from Harry for spotting the disc.


I was able to post a couple more:  4/9  –  4/11 &  4/12 – 4/14 Multi day posts.

This time I made sure to add images to goose it up a bit. Looking at some of the first posts, they are a little bleak. Lots of white space, but man – way too many words!

MONDAY – 4/21/14


No bakery today – It’s gluten free day, so I’ll work from home & do some shopping. I’m ready for inspection tomorrow, so not much to do there. I may pop into the bakery today while I’m running errands (Easter baskets are on sale!), but just to prep for tomorrow and put away my dry dishes from last week. Jerry the health inspector wants to come by in the morning on Tuesday and I’m just not a morning person, so getting prepped today makes better sense…

Just now, Harry was trying to get LaLa up and over to the kitchen to eat her breakfast. Some mornings, she’s just not interested in food right away, we’re not sure why, but she waits to eat – sometimes for a couple of hours.  This morning she just glanced at him and laid back down – SO not interested.  Hearing this and seeing her down on the spare bed, napping and happy as a clam on the messed up covers - I see a squirrel outside on the fence and said “LaLa - Squirrel!”. Boy, does She knows THAT word!  Breakfast, so very not interesting. But a squirrel?  I was standing in the middle of the living room when I said the “s” word. She ran so fast up the stairs and over to the back door, she beat me there! 

And now she’s back inside and eating!  I guess she just needed a little adrenalin to get her moving in the morning. Maybe squirrels are to dogs what caffeine is to people?


Since I’m almost legal (health dept. wise, anyway), I need to get in gear and get my business stuff together. So today, it’s get your butt in gear and file some forms day! 

FIRST - Make sure my business name is NOT in use (IDSOS Search for Business Entity) - "Flora's Bake Shop" is available. 

SECOND - File the LLC paperwork (cost $100) via Idaho Sec. of State Business Entity Forms Page.  NOTE:  You do NOT need a “registered agent (link) ” – just list yourself…

THIRD - I applied for an EIN with the IRS – it’s pretty easy once you have decided on the corporate entity type.

FOURTH - Now it’s time to try this one! – done!  I should get my sales tax cert in a week or so.

I also completed this one: since the official business name has an “llc” in it, this is necessary…

Whew!  That’s enough for one day…

I’ve got some errands to run and some copies to make, so off I go – it’s another beautiful day – warm, sunny, bright, and flowers are blooming everywhere!  I’ve never been in a place with so many flowering trees – amazing!

Spring in Boise

Spring in Boise


After I updated the Flora Farmer Facebook page and friended a bunch of my relations, my sister Tisha’s image came up. It always does, but I usually ignore it because it makes me so sad to see her page is live. This time, I clicked on it because it looked so current, like it’s been active, which is not possible, since she passed away in 2011.  What the what?  

What do you know? People have been posting to her page! Happy birthday greetings and other nice and happy thoughts. Now, I’m sad I missed these. I had no IDEA people did this after someone is gone and even though it made me cry, I think it is very lovely and it seems like having this as an outlet is a good thing. Something I would never have imagined…


Still working on figuring this out. I just ordered some flat rate boxes from USPS, so that’s done. Now to add the shipping info to the store… (5/4 – still not received)


Made a wall calendar with upcoming event / holiday dates listed out in red, so I can PLAN in advance and get some sample cookies made for the storefront in TIME to get orders – woot!