I got home late and LaLa was so happy. She danced and bounced and tried to kiss me as usual. I try to get her to sit and be calm before interacting, but she’s so enthusiastic and happy to see me, it’s hard to be stern. After she finally stops jumping and jumping and sits down, her butt’s on the carpet maybe 1/100 of a second, I relent and lean down and scoop her up.  I don’t let her, but she ALWAYS tries to lick me and since she’s so fast she usually gets one in before I lean back far enough to get away from her fluffy love.

 LaLa looking for treasure, the Boise hills still showing a top coat of snow

LaLa looking for treasure, the Boise hills still showing a top coat of snow

Earlier today when Harry and LaLa went on their disc golf adventure, he said LaLa was so happy! While sniffing around for treasure she found the mother load!  Apparently LaLa discovered a headless baby duck in the grass. Harry had her on the leash so she didn't get very close, but man she sure wanted to. And then ten minutes later, Harry somehow lost hold of her and she TOOK OFF , running with the flexi lead stretched out behind her, getting caught on bushes and swinging back and forth. Harry’s in full chase and can’t even get close, because he KNOWS what she’s going to do… Back she runs, full speed, jumping over bushes and careening around the trees – straight back to the little fluffy baby bird corpse which she immediately tries to swallow whole. 

Harry, just behind manages to get it out of her mouth but she somehow gets a tooth back into it and swallow it even further down her little gullet. He said he had quite a time getting it away from her. It looks like I’m going to need to do some reinforcing for “drop it” and “leave it” … 

Now I’m completely grossed out because the LaLa the bad doggy dead baby bird eater, yucky poo breath just licked me on the mouth – yuck! 

I sure wished Harry told me that story 10 minutes ago…