Ding Ding Ding!

I got one comment on the new Flora Farmer’s Facebook from a friend in OC – yay!  Someone out there loves me.  :)

We went to Eagle Island Park for some much needed outdoor time. LaLa had a blast as usual. And I finally got a photo of the ½ and ½ dog, so you can see how wet and dirty she gets!  

LaLa The Wonderdog

LaLa The Wonderdog

On the way home we stopped by a local Italian restaurant Uncle Giuseppe's  for a quick sandwich on the way home.

The owner’s dad Jimmy was helping out in the store. They retired out here from New York where they ran the big family deli. The sandwich? Oh so good!  They use Boars Head meat and everything was fresh and yummy and delicious. We started talking about the cookies he had in the store, since I’m always researching prices and what else is out there…  

Jimmy said as a way of support that he’d like to have some ½ and ½ cookies in the store. I can do that! I’ll be researching and making up a batch for them to taste as soon as I get some time.