Jerry came by the co-op kitchen this morning to watch me bake. He’s the CDHD inspector and this was the last thing I need to do to get my final CDHD sign off. (whew – I passed!) :)

I stayed for a couple hours after and helped Maria (our fabulous in house caterer) with some prep. She makes the yummiest stuff!  She also bought 2 dozen cookies for her daughter’s party tonight, so the test batch I made last week actually came in handy.  I was going to use them to make some promo designs and some baskets for photos for the online shop, but I'd rather people eat them, so I'm happy to have the available. :)

After I got home, LaLa was so happy, she pretty much spent the entire time on my lap. Every time I got up, as soon as I sat back down, there she was, looking at me, waiting for me to pick her up. When she’s in my lap, I have to hold her in place with one hand or she’ll slide right off. Once she gets herself settled, I tuck my hand under her and she curls right up, so happy, her little fluffy head resting on my arm, and falls right to sleep.  



I finally got around to creating a g-mail address that matches the store name. I also created a Facebook page for Flora’s Bake Shop.

Flora's Bake Shop Facebook page

Flora's Bake Shop Facebook page

Having a Facebook page for just Flora Farmer wasn't making much sense… I don’t think folks are getting the subtly of it, so I’ll need to be MORE obvious and create a page for Floras Bake Shop specifically.. Oh well – you try stuff and sometimes it’s amazing the kind of feedback you get and other-times, not so much…