Working on the CDHD requirements – that process control stuff for hazardous kitchen conditions is a doozy. There’s not much direction on the CDHD website on how to do this magic thing, so instead of spending another two hours making something up based on other peoples stuff, I’m going to do some more research… Going straight to the source, the FDA

Oy!  It’s 82 pages…

FINALLY on page 76 there’s an EXAMPLE of the REQUIRED form - whew!



 And on the last page of the document there’s this piece of interesting information:

“The time required to complete this information collection is estimated to average 20 hours to conduct the hazard analysis and 60 hours to develop a food safety management system (HACCP plan), including the time to review instructions, search existing data sources, gather the data needed, and complete and review the information collection. “

80 Hours total, minus the two I've spent – so I've only got 78 more hours and then I’ll be good?  Are you kidding me?  FOR A COOKIE?  I’m not making steak tartar or serving raw oysters here!

 This requirement seems to be a bit much for non hazardous food production…  I’m going to check with a few of the other tenants and see how they did it – I cannot BELIEVE that every single one of these women spent EIGHTY hours to create this thing…   



I added subscribe and search blocks to the blog pages and changed the blog site formatting so only 5 entries display at a time. I’m still trying to figure out how to create a link to the very first blog. I feel like it’s important because when I’m on other blogs I ALWAYS want to start at the start. But once you've got more than 20 posts, it becomes a tedious game of clicking the “Older Posts” button until you get there…  Frustrating but an easy solve (hopefully!) :)

I just installed GoogleDrive and got access to the subscription spreadsheet that the squarespace blog pages are now set up with. I figure why not let an application capture the data instead of me copying and pasting it out of the e-mails… Save a step! So far, I am the first (and only) subscriber – who hoo!



I’m trying to make myself take a break from being in front of the computer today, yet here I sit!

This morning I continued to research and add content and shipping blurbs for the storefront. I've also started a price tracker spreadsheet so I have current data for cookie pricing to make sure I’m in line with other online stores that offer these types of custom cookies. So far the Etsy.com sugar cookie shops prices are ranging from $1.60 to $4.00 each. Granted this is a very random search, but still – that’s a pretty big spread…

They all seem to be the same general quality and made with similar high quality ingredients.  The quality and degree of decoration is all very different, but except for the few extremely detailed outliers, there appears to be pretty fair amount of time decorating the cookies. It’s awesome to see all the creativity out there – these women are amazing!