They never do go as planned!

The Plan: A last minute idea to take a drive to Portland (6 + hours each way) for a mini break and use that time to write and write and write. Basically, catch up from these last two weeks of constant activity while driving to and from and hanging out in Portland. I packed up everything I would need – the little Surface computer, a backup of all my documents and files on a USB drive, the 5 in 1 memory stick reader for the camera, the mouse and the mouse pad. And then? I just enjoyed myself with never a thought to The Plan! I didn't take out one single tool. I did not spend one minute writing or working. I guess I needed the break!

Portland – Great City! Time Away With Nothing Planned – Great Break!  I love being a tourist and exploring a new city – all that shopping and amazing food everywhere (Man! So much good eating!) and a great, great movie

So now I’m trying to catch up from my plan of catching up!  The plan today is to finish configuring the live blog site and make sure it’s fully functional. AND finish these last few draft blogs and POST them!  I need to change out the html links on all the pages to pop up instead of replace and update the “contact us” form so it actually submits instead of getting an error message. Everything else is in good shape – although I’m noticing the headers and some of the font is not consistent. Likely from copy paste errors, not the template itself.



Updated excel of my scratch notes of prices from Cash & Cary. So far the better prices seem to be Costco but I am still missing a lot of data… 

It’s 4:45 PM – Today was/is a writing catch up day and I feel pretty happy about it. I've got another blog posted (3/24), so that’s four now with two more that are mostly ready to go which I’ll be posting tomorrow (3/25 & 3/26). I've got 3/27 and 4/2 drafted out but I’m still thinking about how much personal stuff to add. How much vacation stuff do I put in / how much is too much?  



The co-op kitchen has been working with the CDHD for the last three months, getting their permits updated and getting approvals for the new stove. It should not be affecting my paperwork, but it sure seems to be. I submitted my paperwork on 3/20, so it’s been less than two weeks, but I should have heard something by now… Pinging the co-op kitchen manager to get an update.  UPDATE: She called CDHD to follow up. Per her message their tussle whether a hood is necessary should NOT be delaying my application & I should be hearing from them soon. 



I haven’t updated the Flora’s Bake Shop /Google + Page in a while – I've got some new photos up of sugar cookies and packaging ideas…