Argh!  I really need to GO!  I've still got some baking work to do to get ready – more cookies to make for tomorrow and a whole lotta icing! But… I am really DETERMINED to post this blog live today. I've got the domain linked but the payment is tied to an earlier layout or some such and it’s not working…


Two Hours Later - Oh F IT! It’s still not working – I cannot get the blog live, but I’m running out of daylight and I KNOW I've got at least 5 hours of work in front of me at the co-op kitchen. So I've gotta just let it go and worry about it later. The blog is getting written, regardless whether it’s live or not, so let it go, let it go, let it go and get on with your day….

BUT – I did accomplish one amazing thing – I now KNOW I CAN blog!  I sent the temporary blog link to my bestest friend Izzy – and she gave it her thumbs up, so I know I’m good to go!

The army / 21 cookies are finished. Once this last layer of icing dries, I'll wrap them up tomorrow (and have some photos too). 


I made a whole bunch more cookies for tomorrow (circles and hearts) and a frack load of royal icing. It took longer to get it inside those little mini (stoopidly thin necked) squeeze bottles than any other part of the enterprise so that’s gotta change to a different modology for sure!

It’s late and I’m exhausted but I know I’m 100% ready for tomorrow. And you know what?  I KNOW I’m happy because today at the co-op kitchen, I was singing – no one about – it’s late and I’m making icing for tomorrow – the radios on & I’m singing at the top of my lungs and making air guitar dance moves during the good parts.

Short post - Awesome day…