I had one of the mini yellow legal pads by the bedside last night and apparently I put it to use.  This morning I had two notes. The first note said: “Build website outside”

Erm, What?  My brain goes into complete overdrive and I start asking out loud; “Outside? Outside the house? Out at the co-op kitchen? What the frick does that mean”? I’m SO mad at myself for making use of this great tool and then making a mess of it right from the start! But after thinking about it a little (while blankly staring at the wall – the dog at my feet a bit worried because I’m yelling at nothing – she’s looking at me and nudging my leg with her little wet nose – ‘you ok moms?”  - needing a little comfort because she doesn't like it when I yell), I finally remembered…

 Instead of writing and posting the blog inside the squarespace space, I should write it outside in a document. For two reasons. If I screw it up and don’t save it correctly (Which I’ve already done MULTIPLE times inside the squarespace tool – grrrrr – remember dummy head, the Ctrl+S doesn’t work! No matter how many times you do it, it still won’t work (doofus)) Plus it’s easier to keep track of all these weird scratch notes I find from days after, as I write and re-write and add to and remember… 



Today I met Cowboy Caviar owner Bobbi – whew the smell of peppers and onions is STRONG when they are in the middle of making a batch!  It’s a yummy bean and corn based salsa – although the hot version is much too hot for me. Harry LOVES it and has almost finished the container!

I did some weight testing flour today – 4 cups were weighing out at 21.55, 20.65, 20.80, 21.08 and 21.6 oz – no wonder pros measure by weight!  The small differences in weight, especially when I’ll be making bigger batches – it’s enough to make a big negative impact on the consistency of the dough. Recipes by weight is the way to go, so I've got some ways to go here as well. More research is in order…

The other yellow legal pad note said (ALL IN BLOCK LETTERS): “Print out diff. (drawings of squares and circles) Templates for run out sizing”. Which is actually a really good idea. I’m always making templates to use for the icing run outs, but I don’t have an actual cookie here by the printer to test the letter / image sizing on.  (done – powerpoint)



Made Black and Red Icing and Iced the blanks for “21st Birthday” Order – black and red square and circle 3” cookies.



Starting the work of paying taxes

I figure since I’ve got a paying customer this week it’s time for Sales Tax Research…. I’ve got my morning coffee in hand and I’m off and running! First thing to review:  The Idaho State Tax Commission website.

It looks like Idaho has the same rate for sales and use tax: 6% - so at least that’s easy!

First Speed Bump: What the F?  I can’t print out a blank form? They only let you see the instructions and if you want a form, they have to mail it… grrrrrrrrr

Oh wait - it does look like they have something online. Surfing around some more, I clicked another link and got pushed to the Idaho Dept. of Labor site: Idaho Business Registration System and Permit/Account Applications .  The site allows users to apply for sales or use tax, income tax withholding and a few others as well – who hoo!

Second Speed Bump: Oh yeef - It’s a “But First”. I hate those – they make life so much more complicated, those “but first” moments – sigh…  Deep breath – keep moving forward girlie pants!

The First “but first”: I’ll need to register the business with the Idaho Secretary of State

The Second: I will have employees, so I’ll need an Employer ID # (EIN)

They also suggest using the Idaho Small Business Development Center – which I am reviewing now. Neeto – they have a Wizard!

This random voice just popped into my head: “Help me Mr. Wizard”  (wow – that’s an early memory – Where in the world did that come from?)


Section 1 – Business Type:  There are four choices, but they don’t list “bakery” in any of the examples, so I’m checking “Sales” – let’s see where that gets me!

Section 2 – Licenses, Permits & Special Regulations. Crap!  It’s a 4 click scrolling page that starts with “Acupuncturists” and ends with “Wineries”…. Let’s see – do they list “bakeries”? One can only hope… (whew - they do).

Section 3 – Employees. I will eventually, so I’m saying “yes”

Section 4 – Business Entity: I’m picking LLC

Section 5 – Assumed Business Name: I’ll say yes here – it’s pretty likely at some point, right?

Hitting the “CLICK FOR RESULTS” button…

UGH – it’s 9 pages long! How can that be? Nine pages? WTF?  My brain just melted….

I’m going to get another cup of coffee and switch to reviewing /re-writing last nights blog and getting it posted. After all that build up I can’t even fathom trying to pull the relevant information out of a nine page data dump from hell.

OK – I’m back - Just so you can be overwhelmed as well – The results data here is broken down by sections, with the number of departments I’ll need to contact:

 Section 1 – Business Type:  1

Section 2 – Licenses, Permits & Special Regulations:  10

Section 3 – Employees:  23

Section 4 – Business Entity: 8

Section 5 – Assumed Business Name: 1



This is ridiculous.  In order to wrap my head around the wizard list from hell, I copied it out into Excel and sorted by “Agency” :)  heheh – don’t mess with me, you lizard brained idiots – I’ll get to the bottom of the real data, you just watch me!

It looks like 12 of the listings are duplicates for the IRS and 5 for the Idaho Tax Commission.  Clearly the Tax Man rule in our world.. Here’s the full list of agencies I need to deal with in order to start a business. Oh Barf hardly covers my feelings about this. It’s more than that – it’s soul sucking. I want to make cookies and make the world a better place and I have to deal with endless red tape and requirements. Is there really no way to make this easier?

Dept. # / Dept. Name

14/U.S. Food and Drug Administration

160/District Health Department

163/ County Assessor

167/City Clerk's Office

168/City Planning & Zoning 

169/Department of Environmental Quality regional offices

174/City Public Works Department (sewer)

175/ID Department of Labor Employment Services

176/ID Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance

186/GS1 US (formerly Uniform Code Council, Inc.)

22/ID Industrial Commission

24/ID Department of Labor

38/ ID Secretary of State

46/ID Bureau of Weights and Measures

47/ Internal Revenue Service

48/ ID State Tax Commission

49/ID Department of Labor New Hire Reporting

52/U.S. Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division

53/Occupational Safety and Health Administration Region 10

54/ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

57/ID Human Rights Commission

67/ID Department of Health & Welfare Division of Health


That’s just WAY too many to wrap my brain around – it’s getting late and I need to go bake some cookies.  My hope is that my meeting on Tuesday 4/8 with the Boise Women’s Business Center will help me wade through the red tape requirements. Or at least tell me what I need to tackle first – that list is way too huge to tackle on my own – so I’m gonna stop now and wait for some much needed help…




When I told the kitchen manager she’d need to resubmit to CDHD, she laughed!  Today, she went down and re-submitted the original application and paid the fee. The only real difference? The name of the company managing the facility…

Tonight was another late start and another late night. That’s three in a row. Writing, researching and building the website / updating the blog in the morning and starting mid afternoon at the co-op kitchen is putting a bit of a strain on my brain. I haven’t had this many late nights working this hard since college.  But late nights do have some compensation…

This week we’ve seen a lot of rain. The sound on the roof today was great, but the sunset was greater! I was in the middle of a batch and looked out the window and noticed the side of the car was orange so I grabbed the camera and stepped out.


From the street the co-op kitchen looks so bright and friendly.

From the street the co-op kitchen looks so bright and friendly.

And then I turned to the right and – Wow! 

People ask me why I moved to Boise...

People ask me why I moved to Boise...


The poor dog

LaLa is a complete mess –since I've been home late these last few days and gone for hours at a time, every time she sees me she goes COMPLETELY cracker dog.  

I know how she’s been at home because she’s the same way when Harry is gone – it’s really pitiful to see – she’s waiting / napping near the front door – all day her little ears perked for the sound of his car. And she’s only calm and happy again once he’s home. Prior to that, she is completely focused on his being GONE and waiting for him to come home!

She’s a small dog - only 13 pounds – it’s amazing to be so completely overwhelmed by such a small fluffy creature. Once I’m finally home, she’s so frantic to get to me, when she’s like that, I just give up asking her to calm down and sit down and behave. She’s so completely crazed and pitiful and happy and so DAMN CUTE I just give up completely and lay on the carpet with my hands over my face (to minimize the accidental scratches) and let her GO! 

She loses her nut completely and dashes at my head barking and snarfing and mouthing my whole head like a crazed fluffy demon – trying to somehow envelope me with her mouth and paws – She can’t stop spinning around, she wiggling and squirming and trying SO HARD to get closer to BREATH every part of me in. She’s SO HAPPY I’m HOME!!!!!! It’s funny and flattering and scary and amazing and exhausting and man that dog loves us SO MUCH it’s breathtaking.