THURSDAY – 4/17/14



Finished 2nd layer of detail on the Spring / Easter cookie order for Linda – they came out so great I used the image as the main cookie image on the blog site and the Facebook home page.  

New Header Image for FB

New Header Image for FB



Fingers Crossed!  I got an e-mail from Zion Bank. It looks like they may be getting ready to order more gift baskets.  This time for a real estate client – so I’ll need to design some house cookies. I’m thinking of setting up a cookie flower garden in a tin planting container as one option. I’m still mulling over other ideas – I really need more cookie cutters and more containers….  I only have one house shaped cutter, but in this case, I can probably do a lot on square or round shapes as well… Adding to the list of ToDo’s.



Testing a batch using the crinkle circle cutter. Using two different (but very close) circle cutters, it looks like the finished cookies came out much more consistently when the dough is cold vs. room temperature (as expected).

Crinkle Cutter Test Notes

Crinkle Cutter Test Notes



I just realized that it’s been a month since I signed the co-op kitchen lease and started the blog (3/17). And I still don’t have my health department certificate. Grrrrrr - Losing those two weeks from them using an incorrect e-mail address plus the issues with the hood at the co-op kitchen put this whole enterprise a bit behind.  I can’t advertise or get clients or really do anything until that’s handled – it feels like a waiting game now…

One month gone and what have I really accomplished?  I’m going to have to think about that. Maybe making up a set of goals or at least having a check off list would feel better? That way, at least I could see what I’ve accomplished in black and white. 



FRIDAY – 4/18/14


Working at home – updated the blog (4/07 & 4/08) and created a price chart and sent it to Will.  I’m also working on adding content to the squarespace storefront.


I did accomplish a couple of things that needed doing: 

Squarespace Store:  Set up mail chimp and stripe account (done)

I still need to test weigh the cookies and get a consistent oz weight for the packaging.

Packaging:  Created an id tracking code to track the cookie batches and included a place for this info. on the ingredients labels. 




Jerry from CDHD called – he wanted to come to the co-op kitchen on Monday, but that’s the gluten free day, so no go. We’ve scheduled to meet Tuesday morning so he can do his inspection thing while I create some cookies.

He also said he mailed my health dept. certificate already. Huh?  I still don’t have it… What is going on down there?  I’m thinking that maybe everyone down at CDHD is dyslexic?  I don’t get it, I really don’t!  This is twice they have sent me something which has not arrived…  


SATURDAY – 4/19/14



Since I updated the home page and removed the “about me” part, some of the blog postings don’t make much sense – so I added the content back to the “about” page, which really makes more sense. I also added some photos  - a great photo of my sister Tisha and one of Harry & I looking happy and relaxed on vacation.

The home page is now focused on the sugar cookie story and I've moved the image up on the page so it’s above the fold. It’s a new one of the spring bunch – so cute!  Right now I’m using it on a lot of pages, but frankly, since this was for an actual order, and they came out so cute, I can’t help it. As soon as I get more good photos, I’ll update to one that’s more on the nut for upcoming celebrations.

Working on a “shop” page – I don’t want orders coming in without discussing them with the buyer first, so I’m not going to go with a functioning shop until I understand how it works much more clearly.  But I want to have a “store” page, so I’m putting up a page with some basic info., but folks will have to call or e-mail to order.

Once it gets really busy, I’ll need to schedule the baking / decorating days, so having folks just order… yeef! Not sure how to handle it with the system.



Took the pup on an adventure to a park on the outskirts of town. It's really beautiful:

Let's Go You Guys!

Let's Go You Guys!

I was so worn out from this busy week and the sun and the beautiful day, I slept the whole way home!