TUESDAY – 4/15/14



This morning, I attended the 27th Annual Meeting – State of Downtown Boise.  It was a 7:30 am breakfast @ Boise Center.

It was a little early for me and the coffee wasn't nearly strong enough, but they had a great speaker – He did the city planning for Portland, so I figure he must know what he’s talking about because that is a city that's easy to get around in.  

Downtown Boise, not so much... I think it's partly the one way streets and partly the (lack of) signs - but I NEVER get to where I need to be downtown without passing it at least once and having to swing around the one-ways to try to get back to where I just was.  I wasn't late, but not by much.



Sour cream batch test – so far so good, but they are not a sweet as the “normal” recipe – they are also a little crumbly.  Harry said he likes these better because they are not as sweet. I’m keeping a couple of both to try next week to see how they hold up against each-other, so I am reserving judgment for now.

Cream Cheese batch itself is a bit smaller (3 cups of flour instead of 4). I was able to make 16 4” hearts and 16 4” crinkly hearts, so it’s big enough to make enough for a dozen cookies, just not 2 dozen like the other! The cookies seem to be lighter / less dense than the other cookie, which I’m sure is attributable to ½ as much butter in the recipe.  



Wow – I guess I did ok on the HACCP Docs that I submitted on 4/14 to CDHD. Jerry, my inspector,  said “Fantastic”! Once he does his in person inspection, I’ll be getting my permit any day now – yayaya!


WEDNESDAY – 4/16/14

Dropped off order for basket at Harrison’s Hope

It looks like they posted a promo link on their facebook site that's showing the gift basket I made for the Zion Bank:


I also did a bunch of shopping – now I've got some paper sticks (instead of bamboo) so I’ll get to try them out on the next set of cookie pops I create.

Cookie batching – still working out the best techniques – I am needing to be Much more efficient.



Danette suggested I should meet her friend Will – Flowers At Will.  She said he doesn't have a cookie lady right now…

He does amazing designs and beautiful gift baskets, and he’s a big supporter of local businesses, so I popped by with some cards and some cookie samples – fingers crossed!  I was nervous so it’s likely I said something idiotic… 

They shop was dark. Apparently a local squirrel just couldn't take it anymore and committed squirrelcide on the transformer across the street which blew out the electricity for the whole block. I was so focused on not being an idiot, I didn't even notice all the trucks and emergency lights across the street until Will pointed them out. 

I say it’s the traffic NOT moving and the fact that it took me 30 minutes to get there from the co-op kitchen that made me so nervous. How is that possible?  Do I only drive down the slow roads or is it like this everywhere?  I stopped for some food, so that didn't help time wise, but Arrrrgggghhhhh.  Needless to say, by the time I got there, still hungry after wolfing down some crap fast food while stuck at endless red lights, I was a bit frazzled to start.

And the shop!  Oh, man – so creative and it smelled beautiful!  Will was very charming – I bumbled around trying to get the box open to show off my cookies and he nicely tried one and said it was good. Hopefully he’ll see past my idiocy to the quality of the cookie… And next time I go see someone to introduce myself, instead of waiting and rushing (for no real reason – I didn't have any sort of deadline except in my head), I will TRY to be more Zen.