It’s a beautiful day and I’m doing my taxes... Argh!  Why do I always wait?


Today I needed to get some supplies for the cookie order. Turns out, I was so excited about my cookie gift basket order yesterday, that when she asked for a basket, I didn’t even THINK of the additional cost… And as it happens; baskets are expensive (doh) - I will not make that mistake again! 


Trying out cookies on sticks. I have some bamboo sticks on hand (I use them to fix icing mistakes) so I’ll use those for now but they feel a little thin/wibbly. Nope - this is not going to work. Next time, paper sticks!

Also working on gift basket tags, mini signs and a new ½ sized promo sheet (more about the cookies, less about the business) to have something to leave on the donation table next to the cookie gift basket.

Mini Promo Badge

Mini Promo Badge

I’m also trying a different recipe for the cookies. This new one has a little less sugar and instead of two sticks of butter, it has one stick of butter and 4 oz. of cream cheese and only three cups of flour. I’m thinking it’ll give me a softer cookie, but that’s tricky in sugar cookies because they NEED to be pretty stiff to hold up to all the abuse they get when they are getting their multiple layers of icing and details and sanding sugar.   

One Step, Two Step, Three Step - Oy!

One Step, Two Step, Three Step - Oy!

This week, as a test, I’m baking off 2 different batches (this new version and the regular 4 cup / 2 sticks of butter / 2 cups of sugar version) and keeping them in separate containers. I’ve been trying one from each container every day to see which stays fresher and better tasting as time goes by.  So far, they are about the same.  

MONDAY – 04/14/14

I have not received any support from anybody from my multiple (and increasingly whiny) requests for a copy of an example of a HACCP plan. I am not willing to wait any longer and from what everyone has said, this is not as big of a deal as I’m making it… So instead of continuing to stress over what everyone clearly says is a no brainer, I sent what I had to Jerry @ cdhd – it’ll be interesting to see how well it does… I did the research and I read the requirements, so it’s not completely made up, but I still wish I had more to go on…

Taxes done – woot!

Updating bakeshop site so it’s less about me, more about cookies. Since the blog IS ALL me, it’s better to utilize the rest of the site in a smarter fashion and promote the cookies / bakery.

Went in to the co-op kitchen – pretty late in the day to try to miss the Linda the gluten free protein bar lady and missed by a mile!  So I made icing and started decorating the cookies I baked yesterday. They came out very pretty but I messed a couple up because I kept adding stuff before they were dry (doh! Rookie mistake…)

Rookie Mistake - Don't pick them up until AFTER they are dry...

Rookie Mistake - Don't pick them up until AFTER they are dry...

I wanted to roll & cut the cream cheese dough batch I made yesterday, but it was so hard straight out of the cooler, I put it aside to warm up a bit, and by the time I was done noodling around with the icing the cookies for Wednesday, it was time to go home, so back in the fridge it went. It’ll be interesting to see how it does. I wonder if the dough will be tougher or does it only get that way from too much handling? 

I also made another batch of the cream cheese dough recipe (link here). Since I had the other ½ of the cream cheese in the fridge, I figured why not… Plus I want to have enough dough on hand to make two batches with no prior prep. 



Cookies on sticks – don’t use bamboo – it pulls right out! Plus I keep seeing little bamboo fibers laying around – is that sticking inside the cookie – yeef!

I test baked a batch of cut out dough straight from the cooler today – the cookies were already cut out, on parchment, sitting right on the cold pans. And it was fine… I figured since the sheet pans were cold, it would take a minute or two more to bake, but it was 5 minutes and 5 minutes @ 300 – the same as if the pans were room temperature, just like before…

Trying organic sugar – the crystals are bigger and it’s a LOT darker – the sugar from Costco is not really right for sugar cookies – I’ll try to find a different source that has a more refined product… but for now it's going to have to do!


C&H Pure Cane is on the left - Organic from Costco is on the right

C&H Pure Cane is on the left - Organic from Costco is on the right

Baking wise, the mini cookies need a bit less time – tried 4 minutes and 5 minutes, but they still came out too crunchy.

FYI - Chocolate chips (no additives) go to Win co and order by bulk per Danette the scone lady.