Today was my very first day working in the new co-op kitchen. I have an order (yay!) so I needed to test out the oven. I also made icing run outs for the order. Beforehand, I worked at home on the Square Space website – mostly just figuring out how to switch the template and how to get my blog posts (three so far, not public yet – the rest of the site is too empty of content for me to feel confident about pushing it public). I got my Square reader up and running with my new bank account here in Boise AND (dada DAAAAA) I got insurance. For the very first time in my life, I will have my own health and dental insurance – Wow! A very good day indeed.



After writing a little bit this morning, I TRIED to post the blog with Square Space. Ergh. I must say, it’s annoying and frustrating to have to learn a whole brand spanking new tool. It’s so pretty, with all of their fabulous pretty bells and whistles, but what it doesn’t say is putting all that into play is so mother loving TIME CONSUMING – so far it’s sucked up a couple of whole days.  But I am DETERMINED to post something, anything TODAY!



After Harry was up, he made me breakfast: Hash browns, eggs, bacon – the whole nine yards - It was great! His normal: Greek yogurt, granola and blueberries. Every single day. My normal: Not that!  I love yogurt, but I just cannot stomach it in the mornings…   Afterward, we completed our submittal to for health and dental insurance. 

Apparently yesterday after I went shopping, Harry put together a little chart for me using his text pad (yay!). And I (of course) put it into Excel so I had something my brain could comprehend. Spreadsheets are our friend! After reviewing the data and making a few calculations we both chose the Blue Cross Silver plan. He did the majority of the work and research, so my part took about 10 minutes – it was awesome!

It’ll be interesting to see how different it is from “normal” (read work type) insurance. That’s the only kind I’ve ever had – getting insurance while not employed has never been in my budget, so this is a first!

Of COURSE the .gov website worked fine for Harry, but after I registered it wouldn’t let me login and we had to set up a different account using a different e-mail – grrrrrr…..



Ready to make up a batch of Royal Icing – My trusty Kitchen Aid at my side!

Ready to make up a batch of Royal Icing – My trusty Kitchen Aid at my side!

Today was test and prep day. I had two goals. Since I’ve never used a commercial oven, I wanted to test out the temperature and time. It’s pretty fancy and has convection so it’s gonna be a bit of a trick compared to the home based version…

And I wanted to get a start on the icing run outs for the “21” cookie order. Trying to get all those sharp little corners of the printed out “21” template is IMPOSSIBLE and for me, getting the curves of top of the “2” consistent is really hard. Apparently I’m not very good at staying inside the lines…  I was REALLY pleased with the consistency and color of the icing – it was pretty perfect this time and NOT a Single clog – amazing.

I ending up making 30 or so - I think probably four came out good enough to use. The rest, not so much…  

Fiddly Little Corners!

Fiddly Little Corners!


(From scratch notes I made while unwinding and blearily staring at the TV Monday night)

This is what Monday felt like:

TIME                      DONE DID IT

I don’t know how close to the actuality this really is, but this is what it FELT like!

I don’t know how close to the actuality this really is, but this is what it FELT like!



I’ll need to organize a bit more at the co-op kitchen. Right now one of my two wire shelves is a little farther away from the table I work at so I’m spending a lot of time going from shelf to shelf to table gathering the items I need to start. Maybe getting casters on the one shelf and rolling it into the main room?  Mainly I need to work on getting the main ingredient / tool bins for making dough and the other for making icing better organized and all inside their own well organized big seethru plastic box…

The co-op kitchen is getting updated. They just got the oven and have a new (used) stove as well, but that requires a hood. The pending work has unfortunately put my application at CDHD on hold – Ping the kitchen manager to get update on the completion date (done).  



I got home so late tonight, it was close to 10 pm before I started eating dinner . Now it’s almost midnight and I’m trying to finalize these notes. Harry is quietly snoring in the next room. LaLa is sleeping in the hallway so she can keep an eye on Harry and I without having to move her head. Every so often she’ll wruff a little, grumbling at the excessive lateness and any small noise I make that wakes her up – she’s SO CUTE!  The clothes dryer is running in the background – wirrr, wirr, wirrr. And every so often, it’s banging – grrrr, what the FRICK is that?  It’s full of towels – How Can It Be BANGING!?  Man that’s distracting…

I’ve got no summation of the day, no great ending.  It’s late, my neck is so stiff from leaning over and making multiple sized “21” in red and black royal icing – basically it feels like my head’s gonna pop off, so I’m off to sleep.

[Oh Holy Crap! For some reason, I started re-reading / re-writing bits of this post (that’s normal, I usually make 2 or 3 passes at it) and now’s it 20 minutes later – Oh hell -  go to BED you ninny!]