When I contacted the WBC via e-mail and asked what I should bring to today’s 4pm business launch workshop, thinking I needed my draft business case or some such, Carlos says to just bring a pad and pen. Earlier this week, he nicely reviewed the blog site and give me some needed advice. He doesn't know this because how could he, but his comments about the site needing more focus were actually the result of missing content. There’s no “Coming Soon” for the bake shop / storefront and unless you read Every Single Blog Entry, you wouldn't know that it’s coming...  

It’s good to get that feedback because I NEED to get content in the storefront, otherwise this whole enterprise doesn't make much sense, so that’s gotta be number one priority – get the cookies, get the photos, get the storefront live! Squarespace has a pretty easy to use tool, but more  REAL content is necessary to move forward, so content has got to be king right now. That and getting my health dept. certification!

SquareSpace Shop - Still Trying to Figure this out... 

SquareSpace Shop - Still Trying to Figure this out... 

I wanted to post a few more blogs – I always seem to be about a week behind, so I guess that’s my normal…?  But I’m completely distracted by what’s going to happen at the Women’s Business Launch 4pm meeting…. The next steps, how this will all play out, will I succeed, how everyone will perceive me, spinning, spinning, always spinning…

My little brain is spinning again and I’m stressed out – I think I feel like the SBA meeting today is a test. But it is a test, right?  A test of the idea, of my ability to move forward, of this whole enterprise. So, yes, I've gotta admit - I’m a bit stressed… Unfortunately, I cannot focus on anything except being stressed – so instead of getting MORE stressed about not getting anything else accomplished, I’m giving myself a break and just letting everything be. No research, no document building, no store front research / photo booth set up – just let it go baby and breath…

I've got my outfit picked out – I don’t think flour covered apron’s gonna do it in this context, so time to break out the “work” clothes!  I've got the directions written down and reviewed on google maps, so I know how to get there and where to park. I've got my pad of paper and pen and some cookie samples in the big black shoulder bag, so I’m as ready as I can be. Teeth Brushed! Hair Combed! Nails Clean!  


At the meeting today there were two other women who are starting home based food businesses  - one with gourmet chocolate and another with Paleo tortillas!  Another reason this is going to work – there are so MANY great creative people out there wanting to share their baking passion but don’t have an easy way to do it!   

I asked Carlos (and a few others) for a sample HACCP plan, but I'm not getting anything concrete - man this is frustrating - it's looks like it's going to be ALL me so I'd just better go for it and do as much as I can myself (sigh...)

The meeting was good, but man, we all have got a WAYS to go… It was more an introduction to the WBC's services and a LOT of (overwhelming!) details about what we need to build a business plan. 

HACCP PLAN (from Hell!)

This is still in process, but I have not yet been able to get a concrete example of something that’s actually been turned in to CDHD. Since I keep hitting that road block, I guess I have to go back to the interweb and see if I can get a better example:  
FINALLY – SOME Concrete examples that I can download – got this off a LinkedInChat about HACCP – Yay Linkedin!  
I knew I’d find something eventually!  
Still in process, but It’s coming along….