CHDH DOCS – HACCPeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (the sound of my head banging on the desk)

Working on the CDHD requirement – I've  found this helpful:

Since there are a number of requirements to fulfill and it’s a bit of a mess anyway, instead of trying to track the info in the blog, I decided to combine all the requirements and the answers into one document (here) and submit it this way to CDHD. (draft 1 submitted: 04/14/14).

So far today, I've worked three hours on this. I feel like I really need to have a real example in front of me to know whether I’m matching up with the requirements – it’s all very loosy goosy… Since there’s no specific examples on the FDA website and I’m looking at stuff other people have made, I am not very confident that I getting exactly what they are asking for… Basically, I’m making it up as I go along since I don’t have any concrete examples in front of me to reference… 



This morning the volunteer coordinator at the Idaho Youth Ranch asked if she could share the blog link & of course I said yes!  It’ll be the first link out in the big bad digital world and I’m interested to see if the traffic numbers go up and if so (fingers crosses) how fast. Site visits so far have only been myself testing the live site plus Harry and Izzy reviewing for me and maybe a few friends here and there, so I’m seeing super low numbers (as expected).  Even thought I know this is true – I have not done an ounce of marketing or outreach – none of my friends or colleagues even know this is in the works… And although today (Monday) this is still very much under wraps, I STILL check – every day to see if the numbers have magically gone up….  And today they have – all the way up to 9!  Which I’m sure is all attributable to the Facebook post by the IYR.



Thinking about that link being live on a site, linking to ME, it’s a little scary – I don’t know how many people will even read it, but the thought of just anyone, especially a stranger reading the stuff that’s mostly been in my head… I have no control over how they will perceive this effort and I am afraid my words will not convey what’s in my heart.  

Coming out of a depression is a strange thing. One minute you feel mostly ok. Life is spinning along like normal, sometimes a little too fast to keep up with but so far I have kept my feet.  Today though, the fear of the judgment of strangers is exerting a strange twist in my brain pan and I can feel my arms getting heavy with unease at the thought of it.

Harry’s gone to the disc golf park with the puppy, otherwise I’d go grab her and get some fluffy love to calm me down. 

I don’t like it when she’s gone – it makes me so nervous! But as much as I’d like to I can’t keep her inside with me ALL the time – I think being inside all the time makes HER depressed! She’s got a doggy door and now that it’s sunny out, she loves to sit on the back steps and soak it up – her eyes closes, her little black nose sniffing the breezes. She’ll breath deep, sigh and lay down with her fluffy little head on her fluffy little feet, happy and content. She’s loving this new daily disc golf outing. I know it’s good for Harry – he’s always calmer and happier when he’s able to get outside. It’s not a dog park, so she can’t run around like a little fluffy lunatic, but the long walk sure wears her out! Once they are back, she’s out for a couple of hours – napping in the sun. 

LaLa in Portland enjoying the Saturday Market

LaLa in Portland enjoying the Saturday Market

(Nice!  Just writing about the puppy took my mind off the fear)

Checking my blog draft document, today I’ve got six draft blogs pending: 4/2 to 4/7. I get so wrapped up in writing / documenting what’s going on right now, I haven’t taken the time to review / clean up the last week of blog entries. They are mostly ready to go – I need to create a better process so pushing the text / photos up to squarespace and adding the necessary subscribe links, etc to the bottom of the page is faster – I wonder… can I make a standard template for the blog pages themselves?  I bet I can – now, how do actually do it…. 


Women’s Workshop – I pinged them via their website “contact us” page to see if I should bring or do anything before the workshop tomorrow (link to workshop)

I got a response from Carlos who asked me to complete this form prior to coming tomorrow;
Small Business Administration Request for Counseling Form 641

Per Carlos: “The application authorizes us to counsel you on behalf of the Small Business Administration, but also enrolls you as a client for one year with the Women’s Business Center”

Having just come back from Portland, and seeing what can be done with a little enthusiasm and a love of food quality food, I came back MORE energized and even more certain that this idea, here and now in Boise, is a VERY good thing indeed.  But it’s still scary….


I’m trying again to get the HACCP requirements done, but today, I just cannot get my head around these requirements. I’ve reviewed the FDA documents and answered the questions so I think I’m mostly done, but reviewing the FDA technical lingo and making SURE my stuff matches, it’s zapping my enthusiasm… So today I didn’t accomplish as much as I hoped to. What I really wanted to do was have something to submit back to CDHD. I’m getting stressed again so I’d better just give myself a break – after all, that doc said it takes 80 hours (argh!), so I’ve got a ways to go and just need to take it step by step. Tomorrow, I’ll have that in mind and just chop away at it till I’m satisfied it’ll pass muster. I’d hate to have to spend even more time fixing the documents from not paying attention to the FDA requirements – since almost ALL of the Idaho food laws are based on the FDA…