Wednesday was another busy day – doing research, getting organized, moving my stuff, making lists…

Thursday I finally got my butt down to CDHD and submitted my paperwork. They were really helpful – it turns out I only needed the following documents, because I’m renting space in an approved commercial kitchen:

CDHD Commissary Agreement

CDHD Food Establishment License Application

I’ll still need to perform for the inspector and pass his review:  Food Establishment Plan Review and Approval Form

They also gave me a copy of a booklet “Starting a Specialty Foods Business in Idaho”  - more on this later!



I wasn’t planning on going to Costco yet. I have a list of shopping to do and was waiting until I really NEEDED to go. It’s always crowded and always has long lines. And on a Friday – oh barf! The lot was FULL and drivers were zigging and zagging, trying to catch an open space. I really lucked out and got a close one.  Sometimes the lame version of rock star parking get’s me a “lucky” space that’s only 5 aisles away. :)

The reason I went to Costco on a Friday?  Harry and I were reviewing the .gov health care plans and got into a shouting match. It was really about process. Me – erm, what? Him – reciting facts and figures off the top of his head and confusing the hell out of me. Then suddenly we were both yelling over each other.  Me “Stop being an idiot – write it down. Write It Down!” Him an unending mumbling stream of “shut up  shut up shut up” getting louder and louder and louder. So I did. I think he’s figured me out – he’s out voiced me and there’s just no arguing with That!

I grabbed my keys and bag and just left. I wasn’t  mad, (well, ok, I was kinda mad, but not REALLY mad) mostly bemused. I had no idea where to go or what to do – I just walked outside, opened the garage and drove off.

After arriving at the next street down and needing to decide which way to turn, my brain said “Costco” and I headed that direction. I figured I could at least do something constructive and research prices. I had my iPhone, so I could snap photos of the product and the price tag for later tracking.

After three hours of zombying up and down every SINGLE aisle, taking pictures and getting in everyone’s way, I ended up with 2 carts – my knees sore from the effort of turning the cart around corners. I had 50 lbs of powdered sugar, 25 lbs of flour, 2 big bags of organic sugar, a huge tin of baking powder, vanilla, a stack of plastic storage boxes – just as a start. Once I saw the flat of Mexican Cokes, that was it!  I was off, shopping like crazy, grabbing up the good stuff like a hording lunatic deprived of her fix.   Even for Costco, it was a LOT of stuff. They had to help me wheel out the extra basked and I filled up the back of the Matrix. It was AWESOME!

So I’m in line, transferring my crap into yet another basket, un-mixing the home and business stuff as best I can BEFORE getting to the register and I see this guy standing behind me looking just a tiny bit horrified that he got in MY line. He had 2, two, dose, one and a two, right hand and left hand, two count ‘em two things in his hands. In Costco! What crazy person goes to Costco for 2 items?  Parking takes the better part of ten minutes. Shirley (heh) that’s worth going to another store knowing that he’d only be saving a few dollars  – right? I let him ahead – I figure he’s crazier than I am…

It was GLORIOUS!  Seeing all that flour and sugar in the back of the car ready to go on Monday – BahahahHAhahahah – I can bake FOREVER – WhoHoo!

50 lbs. of powdered sugar, 25 lbs. of flour and 2 big bags of organic sugar - racked and ready to go!

50 lbs. of powdered sugar, 25 lbs. of flour and 2 big bags of organic sugar - racked and ready to go!


After I got back, Harry helped me put everything away like normal, fight completely forgotten. (whew, but we still haven’t done the insurance thing…)



I had lunch with a girlfriend last week and showed her some of the Flora’s Bake Shop label ideas and some cookie and packaging samples. She was lovely and supportive, but little did I know…

Turns out her niece wanted to send something nice to a pen pal having a 21st Birthday who’s in the Army and stationed in Afghanistan.  They ordered some Camo / Army / 21  cookies from me!  Holy Crap – I’m not even open yet and I have an order! Friends ROCK! :)

So of course I go down the interweb research road and look up images for army logos and green army men and insignia and rank and tanks and helicopters and I start designing stuff in my head – all his before I send the quote or get the approval for the order.   She wants a small order. So far, I’ve designed 20 different cookies -  I really am OBSESSED!



Watching all the shoppers negotiating the aisles at Costco, some going left, some going right, some like me, list in hand, moving with purpose straight to the back; It struck me that everyone has their own individual style on how to navigate. But no matter how we started, we all end up at the same place in the end – stuck in line.

Navigating life is often not so simple. But like shopping, friends make it an easier task. Tonight or tomorrow, or whenever Harry is ready to continue the research / process of signing up for insurance, I will try to not be such an impatient Beyotch and let him finish a sentence.  

And next time I go to Costco, I’m bringing a friend.