Starting To Start

Last week, this was a formative idea. Three years ago, this was a spark of an idea that the realities of life put on temporary hold. Today, today, (Holy Crap, how did THAT happen so fast?!) this is reality.

No more messing around. No more testing and talking (endlessly talking – even I’m sick of it by now!). No more refining and reconsidering. No more research and endless pages of notes. No more delay and denial.  No more fear. It’s Now or Never BABY!

Because today, today I put my money where my big fat mouth usually is and I wrote a check.  It covers deposit and rent starting today through the end of April, with a handshake promise to sign the lease for a 6 month go on Wednesday.

A Clean Well Lighted Space - My First View of the Co-Op Kitchen

A Clean Well Lighted Space - My First View of the Co-Op Kitchen

The space is a clean and bright shared commercial kitchen in a lovely old building that was originally a Mercantile – way back in 1906. There are a few other cottage businesses also renting the space; There’s two salsa makers, a scones baker, a woman who makes yummy gluten free energy bars, a wedding cake creator and a couple of catering businesses.

My name is Chris Bedrosian and I know nothing about starting or running a business. I have some skills – but its small stuff like bookkeeping and creating good looking forms and labels. I know nothing about marketing a new business, selling, getting the legal stuff done (and the list goes on (and on and on…)) and doing it all on a budget!

Today I got the key, wrote a check and then drove half way to hell and back to get a shelf at Home Depot ($99.93 6 tier chrome wire rack). I’ve got a bunch of stuff already moved in and tomorrow, I’ll have the rest!

So What’s The Big Idea?

As I’m sure you’ll see if you follow this blog, that this, this craziness is a lot of work, and money and time and – Man it’s gonna be a HUGE amount of effort – this idea, this starting a Cottage baking business, from scratch, with no funding, no help, nothing except a great recipe, a strange obsession for baking sugar cookies and the need to make a difference in this world.  From what I’ve researched already, it can easily eat up two years, this process of getting started…

So What’s the Big Idea, you ask?  We’ll I’ll tell ya!  It’s been stewing around in my brain pan, this vague idea to “do good”.  The need to make a difference, to help make a change in the world, to help make someone’s life a little bit better – it’s what drives me. 

Last year after we got our new pup, I obsessed about doing SOMETHING to help dogs get adopted (still a great idea!). But not one based on reality – I know a LOT less about dogs than I do about baking cookies, that’s for sure!

Cookie Practice - Mini Hearts, so cute!

Cookie Practice - Mini Hearts, so cute!

The Big Idea

Flora’s Bake Shop:  Bake Local / Eat Local / Support Our Community

Flora’s Bake Shop is a baking cooperative where Cottage Bakers will receive training and mentoring in a certified kitchen. Once they have a viable product they will be able to use the available resources to bake, package and sell their goods under the Flora’s Bake Shop Banner. The focus for all of our bakers work will be on fresh, local, artisanal, organic and delicious. and other online resources will be used to post blogs, photos, recipes, baking tips, training, videos, etc. that will feature each of our Cottage Bakers, their creations, recipe and process. 

As part of our overall efforts to make a difference in our community, 10% of the proceeds (after taxes) from the sale of all baked goods will go directly to benefit local charities.

That’s All For Today – Tomorrow is Paperwork Day – (blerg!)